How to get points

Total points = dynamic value + coffee coins + fine posts x2 + charm index x2 + online time (hours) x2 + post number + prestige x5 The

scores of the acquisition and consumption are calculated as follows:

vitality value (exchange rate : 6)
hair +5 topic
Replies +1
vote +2

coffee currency (exchange rate: 1)
registered the initial value of +50
“search” or “new posts” -2

charm index (exchange ratio: 3)
essence: 1 Level +5, 2 +10, 3 +15
visit +2 to
promote +2

prestige (can not be redeemed with other points)
Essence: 1 +1 +1 +2, 3 +3

we can go to the control panel In the points of the transaction options for, the above three points of the transaction.
In accordance with the exchange rate, each vitality value can be replaced by 6 coffee coins, or two charm index, or a charm index can be replaced by three coffee coins, visit casino en ligne.