Practice cake

To tell the truth to put this tutorial here I really quite pressure to know that every one is a master, and I do cake is definitely a novice decoration, in front of so many masters in front of the handsome ax really let me down Determination, but because there are a lot of domestic friends, although very like cake decoration but suffer from no detailed illustrations and no experience from the start I was deeply experienced, plus the practice before doing the cake there are many friends asked me to the details of the practice, So this time to do the process of shooting down, and hope that the domestic favorite cake decoration friends can help, because the steps is too much, I only took the most important shot, if there is wrong Of the place also hope that master guiding
PS: cover turned sugar I really is too vegetables, and practiced several times are covered well, but also to strengthen the practice Caixing

cake body, pigment, sugar, gum paste,
wire A small roll of sticks, foam, veins die, scissors, small pliers, gum paste a set of simple tools, tape 1 roll, pearl stamping, wide pink ribbon, turntable
base: turn sugar (fondant), cardboard, powder Red ribbon with

gum paste flower practice:
fashion dressesrose: 1; take a group of gum paste powder add the pigment kneading are spare
2; the end of the wire with a small pliers into a “9” shape, and then take a small powder group rubbing round insert wire In the shape of pear-shaped into a rose flower, the flowers inserted in the foam version of the air dry spare.
3; from the dyed big gum paste dough in a small group of gum paste, kneading pear shape and then use the whole stick roll thin, Serve rose petals (such as no integer sticks, but also dyed dyed powder Roll the thin and then use the flower stamping out the flower pattern, such as no flower stamping die is also made with cardboard, on the roll of a good powder on the knife with a knife can also be cut) can be used as a good type of petals Wrapped in a well-dried stamens, the interface can be used to dilute the sugar to glue the glue to glue the petals (turn sugar plus little water with a microwave oven to turn about 20 seconds to turn into a diluted water). For sure it seems to be easy now, since we are giving you step by step how to come up with such beautiful gum paste flower. Meanwhile visit online casino in order to have your mind rest and enjoy.

4; as shown, will roll the petals in order in order to stick to the stamens (petal order 1, 2, 5, 7 or 1, 3, 5, 7) both the innermost layer is a, the second Can be 2 or 3 petals, and so on the combination has become a beautiful roses, but each do a layer of petals to dry before you can do the next layer, I do this roses as an example, even Wrapped in the inside of the flower together a total of 5 layers, so this rose a total of dry air 5 times.

5; flowers do dry after the calyx can be done, with a stamping out the pattern, and then use the whole stick to defend the thin, into the air-dried roses, and then insert a small pear below the gum paste Glue can be dry air (such as no die, can be used to cut out the shape of cardboard, and then placed on the rolling thin powder on the knife, with a knife cut out the shape)

Small flowers:
1; take 3mm gum paste twisted into a round , Insert one end bent into a “9” -shaped fine wire, air dried into the stamens
2; take about 1cm small gum paste powder, kneading growth of 1.5cm tear type powder, with a small scissors to the big end cut into four And then use a small bamboo stick light pressure to make the petals, and then the whole type of flowers into the dried flowers on the stem can be dry on the
the dyed gum paste powder rolling thin, and then use the blade die pressure shape, (Such as no stamping die and the whole bar, can find a fake leaves, the use of fake leaves of the veins out of the veins can also be)

1; to do with the leaves of the leaves, Good roses, small flowers and leaves, as you want to show the form Followed by a tape wrapped in a blistering a bundle, and finally with a pliers to the extra iron wire can be

2; on the plate covered with sugar powder anti-stick, put on the sugar, with rolling pin stick rolling thin after the sugar wrapped around the rolling surface Stick rolled up, gently placed in the cake body, hand gently finishing the sugar, let it stick to the sticky cake, cut off the excess sugar, wrapped in pink ribbon, on the base, with Pearl stamping pressure pearl sticking on the edge of the cake, and finally put the bouquet can be
(if there is no pearl die, can be used to squeeze the package with sugar cream or cream cream, squeeze the pattern can also be)

Because the cake is the last to eat, so in the production process must pay attention to health, wire, case, pliers and so the best first wipe with disinfectant, kneading powder of the hand must also be washed, so out The cake was eaten the rest assured that the
first time to do this tutorial, I do not know there is no place to miss, there are wrong places are also troublesome expert guidance, let me improve with sugar and gum paste recipe, are some of the forum ^ ^

Sugar (fondant) recipe:
Material: Gemini 30g, water 120ml, powdered sugar 2 pounds (900g) corn syrup 120ml glycerin 2 tablespoons
practice: 1; Ji Li Ding add water and mix well, heated to dissolve water.
2; sugar paving on the baking tray, with the lowest temperature oven baking to the temperature around the temperature, add glycerin, corn syrup, mix well with a liquefied water with a bread machine to the surface can be smooth.
PS: If there is no bread machine with a stick can also be stirred, but because the powder is very sticky with sticks to spend very much effort, so it is best to find strong people to help better.
Do sugar must be done with double-layer plastic wrap, it is best to be placed in a sealed container, placed in a cool place to save, you can use before rubbing.

Gum Paste formula:
1 protein to the bubble into the Tylose Powder sieve into the 200-250g powdered sugar hit to non-stick, and then take 1-2 tsp white oil with the palm of your hand rub back to the temperature and then rub into the powder group can be