cosmos blessing

Completion date: 2011.12.25.
Cake body: 6 inch fake cake cake dummy.
Decorative materials: fondant, gum paste, royal icing, color paste, wire, luster dust.
Tools: sticks, squeeze the flower bag, squeeze the mouth # 2, embossed pole stick.
Base: 8-inch cake chassis, ribbon, turn sugar (fondant).

Our NJ rice balls have dinner in the Corn Pig home this year, some people have proposed to exchange gifts, and encourage you to use their own hand-made gifts to participate in the exchange.

I am a standard handmade fans, after hearing this proposal, want a week, really did not want to do anything. Later, because of a sudden decision, we may face a larger change in the coming months, so I decided to do something that would be able to leave a memorial and be able to represent my mind as a gift to a friend of rice balls.

About six months ago, I made four sparkling candy, was originally intended to be used to make a birthday cake to the fish, and later a busy on the shelved. This time to prepare the gift is relatively short, and small fish to discuss a bit, first put a few of these sugar used, next year, her birthday I will be another cake to send her.

I chose the blue ribbon to bring the pink cosmos, so also made a blue turn sugar satin to cover the sugar and cake surface of the connection. Most of our readers spend their times by visiting

Sugar flower recent photo:

cake chassis covered with sugar, with a small embossed rolling pin pressure wrinkle pattern:

thinking cake design, I saw a lot of pictures online, inadvertently, saw a beautiful bride headdress photo , Feel good like ah ~ so decided to use protein frost to reproduce this pattern, after drying, brush pearl toner, placed on the cake, but also to add elegant and elegant cake temperament.

Candy pattern inspired by this picture: the

original picture URL:Bridal Head Dress of Cap juliet .

Squeeze the sugar film, first with a signature pen on paper to draw a good pattern as a draft, and then covered with a wax paper, fixed position, with the first sugar candy along the pattern lines out of the contour line, and then on the contour line and then squeeze Out of a small ball, as shown:

exchange gift the day, the cake finally brought home by the Zhen, and I changed to the redbird sister prepared glass candlestick, very much like !! ^ ^