Tips for smoothing the surface of the cake

Tips for smoothing the surface of the cake + cream cream to have a ductile trick

1, how to smooth the cake? 

The traditional practice is to use a large spatula kept wiping, which requires some experience and skill, great patience, and a long time. A little trick to reduce the amount of work is to keep the spatula in hot water, and then the water to dry, and then to wipe the cake. The heat of the spatula will melt with the frost he touches, so that the frost is no longer attached to the spatula. Of course, maybe you wiped the next two times after you need to hot water again, so so … … until the cake so far.

Here is a save time and save the experience of the “fool approach” is to buy a roller as shown in the figure. First the cake surface roughly flattened, and then wait 10 to 30 minutes until the frost surface to form a thin layer of hard shell, gently touch the hand, no longer sticky cream can be. This time is determined by the humidity of your frost, as well as the temperature and humidity of the room. Until the frost is formed after the hard shell, on the surface of a layer of wax paper, and then roller roll gently roll, the cake will become very smooth it!as the picture shows. Side is also so concocted. If you find that your wax paper sticks to the frosting, then either your frosting is not enough, or you use the roller to roll too hard. Here you go, you can make it, simple and fast. You will never find it easy if you don’t give it a try. Same as people who play video poker at always say, better try before you say it is impossible.
The roller Dafa also has a less professional trick: sticking with cornstarch instead of wax paper. Put a layer of corn above the corn starch, and then roll the cake surface, easy to pole it! Corn starch and frost will melt together, will not affect the color and taste of the frost. If you feel that doing too much, you can use powdered sugar instead of starch, but the anti-sticking effect of sugar powder does not seem to be good for corn starch. Note that the starch to be wiped on the roller, rather than sprinkled on the cake, and the amount of natural is the less the better!

2, why do I do the candy look dry? Is the extruded roses and shells jagged?

The first is to determine whether your technical problems or frosting problems. The sugar cream transferred to the degree of thin consistency, and then very slowly and slowly squeeze a petal, if there is still a jagged edge, that is the problem of frost. To make a very delicate frost, the following points is my summary of the experience:

a, must use one hundred percent of sugar (cane sugar). Buy candy when the attention to see the ingredients, if it is beet sugar, your frost is difficult to do well.
b, do not use high-speed to play frosting, frost inside the bubble will affect the decorative effect. In order to reduce the bubble, you can first stir the white oil and sugar powder evenly, and then add a little bit to the other liquid, slowly playing uniform, this way to help reduce the bubble.
c, frost plus a little light corn syrup, can increase the scalability of the frost, it is easier to make beautiful delicate petals. Do not add piping gel to the cheeks of stiff, which will make your frosts thinner and the petals will not stand!

The third picture is the contrast of the roses I made with two kinds of frosting: the roses on the left are squeezed out of the sugar creams made with beet sugar, the right and the other roses are made with cane sugar, and syrup is added. becol sugar, even the color is not very bright, texture is also very rough, visit casino en ligne for more information.

Well, hope to help everyone Oh! Also hope that experts follow the advice! And share the experience!