little angel small master

The fifth “little angel small master” – activity note posts

In order to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the discussion, the fifth “little angel small master activities” to start running friends ~ the
same rules of the game, please see the following description:Game Description:

** Eligibility:
must be in the discussion version has points 300 or more, to participate in this activity Oh ~ 

1. Application deadline is August 20, 2010. For registration of friends, please write a short message to the small fish dad , registration format is as follows:

ID: XXXXX (This is your name in the discussion version of the user name)
Received Name: XXXX XXX (This is your real name or can receive the mail name)
Address xxxxxxxx
E-mail: xxxxxx

(Please remember to attach zip code / zip code)
= =============================

2. After the deadline for registration, will be held by the small fish father as a notary, for everyone to draw the decision list and To inform the individual messages. The goal is to use their own hands to do things, to the same love of hand friends a surprise !!!!
Please note that the date of the event is 2010/8/23 ~ 10/31, hope that all the small master can be before 10/31 Received a little angel to send the gift Oh ^ ^ ^

3. small fish dad sent a short message will tell you who is a small master (in the discussion version of the user name) and the small owner’s mailing address, you are the other small angel. Since then, you have to secretly care about encouraging your little masters, but absolutely can not reveal your identity, we can guess each other, but can not be in a variety of coercive ways to tap the insider ….. other people involved in the activities are obliged Help to speak or keep confidential.

4. Please each of the friends to prepare a small gift (please play the spirit of handmade family, as far as possible to their DIY gift for the first choice, or their carefully selected gifts can), the value of not more than 10 dollars / 25 yuan / 200 Taiwan dollars (which is the upper limit, can not spend money, purely hand, of course, is the best friends) ….. In short, do not spend too much money, the mind is more important, and the value of hand things far better than money ~ ~ Postage need to bear their own Oh ~ ~ If you get the object in other countries, we must bear the charges of international mail, so once the application to participate, it agreed to pay the cost of mailing gifts, please ask you clearly! !

5. when you want to give gifts to the little master, do not forget to attach a card or note, inform your true identity. Everyone after receiving a small gift, remember to take pictures upload, and share your harvest and comments ….

Q: how to care about your little master? Is there any concrete action?
A: When the little host post, to be enthusiastic Replies; he made a sale when the sellers, bankruptcy have to work hard to support … Oh!
If the little owner has a personal page, do not forget to often join, if afraid of identity, can be used Vest (registered anonymous user name) to support.
Other friends if the trust to help the little angel to the small master, but also efforts to reach the task Oh! ^ ^

Q: Why play this game casino en ligne?
A: Through this game, everyone has the opportunity to become a small angel of others, but also can enjoy the small angels to your special wishes, I hope you can learn from the care of others, through a variety of ways to understand each other, I hope everyone can enjoy Being caring and loving the happiness of others.

Q: what kind of gift to send? Can you give an example?
The final gift is best tailored, do you think he is suitable for what kind of thing? What is his favorite color? Of course, hand-made as the primary goal. If the hand is not very sure, but also for a small master carefully selected a small gift, in short, to spend some thought, think about what gift will be suitable for him? This is the process of playing the game to find the clues, when you observe the little master, to understand some of his characteristics and preferences, it will be easier to sum up the direction of the gift ready Hello !!