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The biggest challenge to creating a manual discussion is how to deal with the copyright issues of the drawings. It is necessary to promote the exchange of hands and good, but also to avoid infringement of the original rights and interests (or should be said to minimize the damage), this is not easy to take into account the dilemma. Here are a few suggestions on the post, I hope we can spend some time to read, let our manual exchange more rich and interesting !!


1. I hope you post here, if accompanied by hand-drawn photos, try to use the sale of the post Way to publish attachments.

2. In addition, you can also publish the article at the same time, set the browsing of the integral restrictions, to avoid the visitors do not log on to download the contents of the attachment.

3. As long as a good manual book, are worthy of publicity and encourage everyone to buy collections. So it is recommended that you post some manual patterns, if convenient, you can paste the book cover the pictures, to provide users as a book reference. Let us all support genuine, encourage good books continue to publish.

4. Thank you netizens enthusiastic to provide manual patterns and other friends to share, but also hope that you download the preservation of the drawings, to avoid the public to provide public or any spread.

5. As long as the post is attached to the detailed instructions or illustrations, moderators will be the theme of the post for the purple bold highlight, to help you check the post.

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